So, how can this be a blog that
contributes to the project? Emma had a brilliant idea. We have been
meaning to take fieldnotes for our interviews. How about we use this
space to collect fieldnotes for each of the interviews. We write a
title–any title but one that includes the interview number. We make
notes about the setting and other elements of the interview. This blog
then becomes an integral part of the project archive; it is also a
history 2.0 record because all of our participant/interviewers will be
required to submit field notes this way (or should it be the
facilitator?). Let’s see how that works.

As the blog is public and our interviews will be part of a public
archive, it should not really matter what we say. Anything appropriate
for the archive is appropriate for this space. If we wanted, we could
even include a little snippet of the interview. The question: is
wordpress the way to go or would typepad be better. I know typepad
supports podcasting. This must support sound files as well.

One thought on “fieldnotes

  1. This could also be a way to bring people into the project, as well. If participants can quickly read about the settings of interviews, how they went, etc. they may be more forthcoming/enthusiatic to share when they see/hear/read how others have told interesting stories, too.

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