Excellent Lesson Plan on Civil Rights

Lesson Plan On
Civil Rights
Created by Mark Soeder

Here is an excellent lesson plan on Civil Rights that was created by Mark Soeder a Social Studies teacher at Perry High School. You can access the plan at
http://www.csusocialhistory.org/Lessons.aspx?ID=29&lid=158 . This lesson plans actually brings the sites and sounds of the Civil Rights movement into your class room.

Soeder states, “This lesson affords students the opportunity to examine how Americans used civil disobedience to achieve governmental change. Specifically, students will be asked to analyze the efforts of individuals working to achieve civil rights in the 1960s. In the process, students will discover that it is possible for a small group of people to change unjust laws.
The lesson plan contains actual audio links to the presidential tapes and includes a phone conversation between President Johnson and Senator Eastland a segregationist The phone conversation is centered around the Mississippi Burning that occurred in 1964 and was made in a movie starring Gene Hackman. There are many audio links and web sites that explain clearly the problems faced by the civil rights leaders in the 60’s. The worksheets at the end of the lesson helps the students stay focused on the major civil rights event.
Here are some related resources:
• Say It Plain: A Century of Great African American Speeches: Dick Gregory
• Say It Plain: A Century of Great African American Speeches: Fannie Lou Hamer
• Say It Plain: I’ve Been to the Moutaintop: Martin Luther King, Jr.